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CVSBEH E-Bulletins

CVSBEH provides a monthly e-bulletin to its members and interested individuals. The e–bulletin is primarily aimed at making sure that the activities of the CVS are well publicised and that details of the latest training courses, funding events, networking & consultation events and local news of interest are available at a click of a button. If you would like to sign up to receive CVSBEH e-bulletins please email Abbie Gregory.


Issue 129 (January 2018)


Issue 128 (December 2017)


Issue 127 (November 2017)


Issue 126 (October 2017)

Issue 125 (September 2017)


Issue 124 (August 2017)


Issue 123 (July 2017)


Issue 122 (June 2017)


Issue 121 (May 2017)


Issue 120 (April 2017)


Issue 119 (March 2017)


Issue 118 (February 2017)


Issue 117 (January 2017)



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