One School’s Experience…

Junior Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge has been a truly unique and inspirational experience for the children.

As young entrepreneurs they learn about money, planning, organising and communicating to a wide range of people in a real experience. In particular I have noticed a huge improvement in confidence, collaboration and leadership. 

I find this unique opportunity allows the children to develop transferable skills and to express themselves in a way that is not always possible at school. I am always surprised by the children’s ability to surpass my expectations of them to design, lead and coordinate an activity with minimal support. Almost every year I have tried to talk the children out of an event because I think it’s not manageable but every time so far they have proved me wrong and pulled it off.

Since being part of the Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge we have looked to develop entrepreneurial skills throughout the school. This has been relatively easy because the Junior Apprentices have inspired the rest of the school for years through their events and presentations.  Honestly, I rarely make it through the week without a child asking if they can run a club or a fund raising event.  Since first entering the competition the children have led fun runs, car washes, bake off competitions and a slime factory to name a few.

They have developed links with several local charities and donated thousands of pounds. However, it is without doubt that the experience they look forward to the most is presenting their ideas to a panel of SuperDragons in the boardroom at the end of the challenge.

To be honest it’s hard to imagine it not being part of the school calendar and I don’t think the kids would allow me to stop it!

Steve Emmett
Deputy Headteacher
Wormley Primary School
(Participating since 2014)