Raising money is important to all voluntary and community organisations as it allows them to continue to run and offer invaluable help. There are lots of ways in which that money can be raised including charging for individual services and fundraising events, but for a lot of organisations in the voluntary and community sector, grants are a welcome resource.

Knowing you want or need grant funding and finding the ones that will help your organisation are two different things. Grant money comes from a number of different sources and our service providers can support you through the entire process, from the initial funding search, through the (often lengthy) application process to a review of your application.

Herts.Community A free resource for CVSBEH member groups to browse and search for funding for their projects.
Monthly Funding Bulletin – A list of grants and funding opportunities available to organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic. To be on the mailing list to receive our funding bulletin, as well as many of our other useful bulletins, please sign up